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This is a commission sale telephone. Warranty period for that model is 6 months.

Be aware of the fact that all cellphones presented for your orders are properly tested for clean title, authenticity, performance and functioning. In case of purchase cellphones are to be officially registered in the name of yours. The Concierge option is also activated for you in order to be on full VIP service since the purchase of cellphone.

VERTU exchange is available. We offer VERTU cellphones change either with extra charge on behalf of our service center or with extra charge from your side.

RUB 170,000

AED 13,438

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  • Polished or brushed stainless steel with black PVD- coated
  • Framing speaker , front buttons , screws, power key , lock SIM- card and framing rings of polished red gold 18 carat ( 22.3 g total )
  • black Leather
  • Speaker of polished black ceramic with V logo in red gold with PVD coated
  • Dial in black sapphire glass with inscriptions in red gold
  • OLED high resolution display with sapphire crystal
  • Precision switching buttons jewelry finish.
  • High-fidelity speaker 11 x 15 mm with dual audio ports
  • Exclusive ring tones and alerts played by the London Symphony Orchestra


  • 5.5 hours in talk mode in the GSM system,
  • To 3 hours in the talk mode in the WCDMA system
  • Up to 300 hours in standby mode
  • Standard 3G and 4-band GSM-communication worldwide * (WCDMA network 850/2100, GSM 850/900/1800/1900)
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro USB
  • WLAN *
  • Synchronization with PC and Mac
  • Modem connection
  • MMS / SMS
  • Automatic display the exact time in two time zones
  • 4GB memory for user entries
  • Worldmate travel program

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